Runners and athletes know first-hand how debilitating foot and ankle pain can be.

Without proper treatment, injuries to the foot and ankle can leave you with a lifetime of pain and recurring injuries.
At True Motion Chiropractic Group in Midland, MI, we specialize in treating the soft tissue injuries associated with foot and ankle pain through a very specific form of diagnostics and treatment that pinpoints the affected tissue and offers targeted treatment.

Foot & Ankle Injuries We Treat:
Plantar Fasciitis:

Plantar Fasciitis is a common term used to describe pain at the bottom of the foot. However, it is not always the bottom of the foot that is the problem. Foot pain can be caused by a build-up of adhesion in the muscles crossing the foot and ankle, as well as in the calf. The muscles and ligaments that cross the ankle joint need to be evaluated if you have foot and ankle pain. Muscle adhesions will decrease the range of motion of the ankle, making the muscles in your legs and feet weaker and less flexible.

Achilles Tendon Injuries:

If you are suffering from pain near the ankle, it could be your Achilles tendon. The fibers that make up the tendon will become disorganized with overuse. It is essential to seek treatment for pain in the Achilles tendon as it can lead to further damage and injury down the road.

Ankle Sprains:

Ankle sprains can cause damage to the small ankle ligaments.  Over time, if not treated, the ligaments can form adhesions, or scar tissue, and decrease the range of motion in the ankle. Decreased range of motion will speed up degeneration of the ankle joint. Finding and fixing adhesion and scar tissue early will lessen the long-term degeneration due to an ankle injury.

Calf Strains:

Overuse of the calf muscles will cause adhesion to develop and decrease functionality. Adhesions will make the calf more susceptible to strains because the areas that are loaded with adhesion can’t lengthen and contract properly, causing other areas of the calf to become overused. When the calf muscles are overused, foot and ankle problems can occur, leading to decreased range of motion and pain.

If you are suffering from Foot and Ankle Pain, CONTACT TRUE MOTION. We treat the underlying cause of your pain, offering long-term relief, not a temporary fix.

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