Low back pain and lower back pain varies from person-to-person.

It can range from a dull pain that slowly gets worse, to a sharp pain that travels from below the waist to the hip, buttocks or down into the feet. The most common cause of low back pain is strain from standing in one position too long, heavy lifting, sudden movement or twisting at an odd angle.
If you are experiencing severe or persistent pain, it may be time to get effective chiropractic treatment from a specialist. Dr. Ryan Madigan, D.C. is Midland’s top provider of care for Low Back Pain and Sciatica. With a movement screen and thorough exam we can we accurately diagnose what is causing your low back or sciatica and help you regain flexibility and range of motion.

Lumbar Disc Injury

Intervertebral discs are meant to perform as shock absorbers in the spine. Poor posture can put a ton of stress on the discs in the low back and lead to lack of range of motion and pain. This is most common in someone with a desk job, has been in a car accident or someone who has a long history of sporting activities or weightlifting. Adhesion in the low back can cause flexibility issues and lead to pain and disc injuries down the road.

Nerve Entrapment

With poor posture and overuse, the muscles at the back of the hip will develop adhesion. Adhesion sticks tissues together, and in the case of sciatica, adhesion sticks the sciatic nerve to the surrounding hip muscles. A sciatic nerve entrapment can cause hamstring tightness, aching, numbness, burning, and tingling anywhere in the lower body. Sciatic nerve entrapment is a very big deal and needs to be treated, to avoid problems down the road.


As we get older, years of wear and tear can add up.  This is especially the case in the low back.  When we overuse a joint, the arthritis process can start, making the joint less flexible and painful. Reducing adhesion in all the surrounding tissues can help restore proper range of motion, and possibly slow down the degenerative process.

If you are suffering from Low Back Pain or Sciatica, CONTACT TRUE MOTION. We treat the underlying cause of your pain, offering long-term relief, not a temporary fix.

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