True Motion Chiropractic Group in Midland MI, takes chiropractic care to the next level.

“We rely on an accurate diagnosis to treat the issue giving you pain. We
provide you relief through variety of chiropractic and manual techniques, Massage and Laser therapy.

Chiropractic Care for Back, Neck and Joint Pain in Active Adults

Our mission is to provide the Great Lakes Bay Region and surrounding areas with the best approach to chiropractic and conservative care. We offer an integrative approach and take pride in creating individual treatment plans focused on each patient’s goals and needs.
Educating and empowering each individual to prevent the condition from coming back is key. We prioritize continuing education to provide the best musculoskeletal care for our patients. It is our obligation to treat each patient with detailed attention while driving results with the most current techniques.

Chiropractic Services

Our clients often come to us, asking, "what does a chiropractor do?" Chiropractors are licensed practitioners who manually adjust the spine to relieve pressure and pain on the body and the nervous system. We offer a full range of chiropractic care, from diversified gentle adjusting methods to at-home therapies to improve and refine movement and posture. We put safety first and practice conscientious, patient-centered care. We understand that patients have different physical experiences and limitations, and we work with each person individually to find the method that's right for them. The amount of time your chiropractic treatment will last can vary based on the severity of your pain.

Rehabilitation Exercises

Rehabilitation helps people affected by injury, illness, or disability through quality movement and exercise, manual therapy, education, and lifestyle advice. It has been shown that these sessions not only decrease pain but significantly increase athletic/life performance. For our clients who need sports rehab therapy, we have a variety of rehab exercises and therapeutic stretches that we tailor to each of our patients. Treating people on an individual basis allows us to expedite someone's rehabilitation as quickly and safely as possible.

Massage Therapy

At our Chiropractic and rehabilitation center, we also offer medical massage therapy. Medical Massage Therapy is a focused therapy option for patients who also require the attention of a chiropractor. Unlike relaxation massage, therapeutic massage is designed to address specific soft tissue dysfunctions and patterns. Our massage therapists are highly trained and comfortable co-managing the prevailing conditions in our clinic, such as stiff necks, tight muscles, knotted soft tissue, and more. Research continues to support the combination of services we provide here in the office, like spinal manipulation, manual therapy/medical massage, and exercise.

Soft Tissue Treatment

Soft tissue therapies are designed to rid injured areas of scar tissue. We usually think of scar tissue as only being seen after an injury to the skin; however, when muscles or other tissues are over-stressed or injured, our bodies use scar tissue as a patch repair. This is a natural part of the healing process; however, if the cause of the injury is not alleviated properly, the muscle will accumulate too much scar tissue and become a problem. Symptoms of soft tissue injuries include pain, swelling, joint instability, cramping or spasms at the injury site, and more. We use a variety of soft tissue injury treatments and techniques at True Motion Spine & Sport to get you on the path to recovery as quickly as possible.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercises are sometimes added towards the end of the patient’s care plan, after proper range of motion has been restored. This is done to strengthen the muscles that previously had adhesions and correct muscular imbalance. This will improve the overall patient outcome and keep joints healthy.

Other Effective Chiropractic Services We Provide in Midland, MI
Sole Supports Orthotics

For people suffering from foot, ankle or knee pain, we may recommend custom orthotics. Sole Supports Orthotics are the only truly custom orthotics that takes into account your arch height, foot flexibility, body weight and load factors (activities of daily living). We don’t recommend these for every patient, but sometimes they are the best solution for correcting the issues that cause pain in your feet, ankles and knees. In many cases, custom sole supports are beneficial to patients who need longer relief and correction after treatment has fixed their soft-tissue adhesions. LEARN MORE ABOUT SOLE SUPPORT ORTHOTICS.

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